Thursday, 8 October 2015

pulling strings

A wonderful trip to Turkey in September has proved an inspiration but will reveal all at the end of this year - so many ideas to be worked....

Following a workshop with Louise Martin on double and single wefts this piece appeared...
glacier... spillway

Dunblane Museum was the venue for the Scottish members exhibition in August 2016.  The theme, 'Each Day has its Colour' encouraged a diverse and imaginative interpretation.

Cards and unframed pieces
This link gives a good overview of the show.
Cards and also unframed A4 and A3 pieces were available for sale. My interpetation, patchweave ...tumbling blocks,shown below, explored the optical 3D effect of seven colour tones
patchweave...tumbling blocks

Scottish members of British Tapestry Group were invited to submit small format tapestries with the following criteria for an exhibition celebrating The Golden Fibre...jute
  • 10% of the piece to be woven with jute
  • the tapestry to be mounted on board 20 x 20cm
  • maximum size 30 x 30 x 30cm
  • 3D composition preferred
  • As the exhibition is being held at Verdant Works, Dundee, many of the tapestries have links to the city.
Samples made while contemplating the assignment were also to be shown at the exhibition. A catalogue produced included written statements up to 500 words which explain each artists thoughts on their choice of subject.

cast off the stays

Full description available in a catalogue but key aspects for me: The connections being the link to the whaling industry and its by products of whale oil to ease the process of weaving jute and the  whalebones to provide stays for corsets. Plus the fact that 'stays' also refer to sails of the boats used

 samples made combining jute and linen thread
Following the work for Dundee the idea of using warps to be a backdrop that was used to draw up the shaping of a piece or indeed to be a very visible part of the work led me to contemplate  a small scenic piece

borders...between land and sky  sold
and then experimented with minimal weft and coloured warps:  
this is a portrait of my mother based on a photo taken by my sister Trish French.

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